Our portfolio includes a variety of successfully completed projects, building upon our experience in web design and web development, mobile app development, search engines optimization (SEO), natural language processing, text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Voice Assistant
Personal chatbots based on artificial intelligence, with which you can talk with voice and text. Get an answer to any question!
Available in Belarusian, English, Russian, Chinese.
Bird Voice Recognition
A software environment for automated recognition of vocal signals of animals based on the use of a developing computer learning model. The goal is to provide automated recognition of voice signals of animals (birds), in the mode of long-term round-the-clock and round-the-season monitoring of species diversity of animals in selected habitats and ecosystems.
Bird voice recognition is available on web and mobile platforms.
Voice Messenger App
An iOS application for intended purpose of sharing voice messages with friends and colleagues. It allows to share quick voice messages, speak to contacts and reach multiple users.

Audio guides

KROKAPP – your personal audio guide
Web, Android and iOS mobile versions of a travel audio-visual guide with geolocations. KrokApp is an IT-platform that allows a user to hear interesting facts, practical information and useful hints while he moves around the location. KrokApp transforms the country into a big “smart home” – understandable, dynamic and modern.
Available in Belarusian, English, Russian.
Audio guide of the Biarescie Archaeological Museum
Web, Android and IOS mobile versions of the audio guide of a major archaeological museum in Western Belarus.
Available in Belarusian, English, Russian, Chinese, Polish.

Educational Technology (EduTech)

Razumnik is an Android application allowing kids and grown-ups to learn new letters, words, numbers, colors and more in foreign languages. Currently available in the English and Polish languages.

Text and Voice Processing

Computational Platform For 60 Online Tools For Electronic Text & Speech Processing
The platform www.corpus.by has been developed and is being constantly developed further to provide users with a set of tools for text, voice and other data online processing. The developed services are grouped into thematic domains for more convenient use in specific fields of application.
Voice Calculator
Android version of the voice calculator, which allows performing basic arithmetic tasks using voice commands.

Corporate and government web sites

Speech Synthesis and Recognition Laboratory
Multifunctional web-site of the Speech Synthesis and Recognition Laboratory of the United Institute of Informatics United Institute of Informatics Problems of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee
Web-site of the health committee of the Minsk metropolitan area in Belarusian, Russian and English.
The 4th City Clinical Hospital named after Mikalaj Saŭčanka
Web-site of a famous hospital in Minsk, the capital of Belarus in the English, Belarusian and Russian languages.
Hotel Nacional Vlore
Bilingual website of a hotel on the Adriatic sea in the English and Russian languages.

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